White TEA Flowers for Press Launch

When one bores of being virtuous, something that can happen to all of us, even Tea Ladies, the White Tea Collection can be transformed into fantastically indulgent cocktails; a number of which the Tea Ladies have, of course, trialled and come very much recommended.

The recipes are for mixing the finest tea leaves with exoctic alcoholic ingredients and try them out when your feeling zingy: http://www.rareteacompany.com/recipes/cocktails/

We foraged  and foraged in search of everything especially red rose hip and fern cakes, lovely tea pots surrounded by the sweetest of Avalanche roses and huge arrays white Hydrangea spilling from urns with white Phalaenopsis Orchids along with white birch twigs ( I am a covert) and lovely friends allowed me to dash with secateurs along the tow path to grab armfuls of berried ivy to make pretty christmas garlands.

New cards went down well, so Bertie and Dave its full steam ahead with many new inventions for my loyal followers.


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