Today was spent with Vix in a studio across from Kew Botanical Gardens with a sizzling hot and exciting Brazilian florist who works wonders with delicate flower heads. Zita Elze, without doubt the best in England has been adorned with Gold from Chelsea and featured in every single magazine and is the darling of the BBC. The flower magician also known as Tage Andersen based in Copenhagen who runs a museum and boutique is her main inspiration and a place she sends her tribe to check out reguarly.

Greeted with vast amounts of freshly brewed coffee and homemade almond & sesame cakes Zita¬†embarked on her unique way of working with flowers, first she asks about the mood so we quickly noted all the adjectives that came to head and chose the flowers that jumped out at us. Then the real fun… the creative funeral work we were learning began to come together. Take a look at Zita’s work and then a heart cake which made the entire carriage I was in on the train home bemused. I am so inspired to work with the floral couture style again that any excuse, not suggesting you need to die but atleast get married!



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  1. Alice

    Loving the blog too , a great ‘pick-me-up’ in these winter months.

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