The Cornish Antennae – What’s hot in this part of the world

After months the return, apologies for the silence whilst we settled in and now we feel Cornish. Mr Jimmy has got a girlfriend, 2 geese joining the family, several fan tail doves, a mini Shetland pony, a piglet or 2 and several chickens if I manage to convince foxy he’s not here much longer! Village life is excellent, always high dramas and with Dudley Moore as your neighbour what do you expect. With plans to start children’s foraging courses, cooking classes and a tunnel for a dream venture ‘the cutting garden’.

‘Downs Barton’ is a life long enchanting project and the Gildhouse pictured here is at the end of the garden and a great venue where many happy weddings take place. It’s always very cheap to hire and can take 100 – 120 people, who knows we might even have our one there next year! 

Ditching the 

for Crackington Haven waves and seaside picnics

finally for all my friends in America here’s a little patriotic flair for tomorrow

Have many ideas to make the blog stand apart now it has re-emerged and hope you stop me in my tracks if I become an old country bumpkin, rambling with Cornish sailors and giving you the pasty talk too often!






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